Frequently Asked Questions

So you’re organising your wedding, party or function. We know that getting things just right is important to you. Rest assured that with many years of experience, we know how to make the evening flow without a hitch. Below, we’ve picked the most popular questions which we’ve been asked by our clients. It’s a good starting point for understanding how we can fit in with your requirements or those of your venue.

If there’s anything else you need to know, we’re more than happy to tell you. Even if you want more detail on any of the issues below, just send us an email or pick up the phone and we’ll be happy to talk things through.
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Can you learn specific songs for a function?

Absolutely, we’ll turn our hand to almost anything. One thing to consider is the guitar-bass-keyboards-drums line-up of the band, so obviously certain genres of material may not work as well as others – we haven’t quite perfected the full brass-band sound… yet!

Do you take requests on the night?

Absolutely. If we know it, we’ll play it. We have a large repertoire of songs that we’re happy to dig into, no matter how obscure they may be!

What if we don’t want the party to stop? Can you play for longer on the night?

You’d be amazed how often this happens! Once we’re up and running we’re more than happy to keep playing for as long as the venue license allows. If you think this might be an option at your function, bring along some spare cash and we can work out the details once we’re there.

Can you travel to gigs outside of Hampshire?

Yes, we’re happy to travel. For distances of more than 100 miles away we’re likely to add a small fuel surcharge to the overall quote.

How much space do you need?

The Reason are a four-piece band, so don’t require as much space as larger bands. Typically a stage area of 5m x 3m (width x depth) will suffice, although bigger stages obviously allow us to strut our stuff more!

Is your equipment safety checked?

Yes. All of our electrical equipment is PAT tested. In addition, we always take into account the smaller measures, such as taping down cabling around the stage to avoid tripping hazards.

Can we use your microphone for speeches?

Yes, no problem, as long as you’ve requested that we’re there in time to have it setup.

How long do you need to setup?

Average setup and sound check time is around one hour, and we aim to arrive at least 90 minutes before start time. Many weddings have the band playing in the same room as the meal, so if you have a special request for us to be setup by a certain time, just let us know.

Will you look smart?

Yes. We know how important the right look is for a band, and dress accordingly for functions. Trousers and collared shirts for the guys, and a dress for Nicky, normally (definitely no jeans, trainers, or t-shirts).

Can you provide lighting?

Absolutely! We have some of the most up-to-date disco lighting available. It’s both compact (doesn’t hog the whole dance floor!) and incredibly effective. We’re confident you’ll love the effect it’ll have.

Do you require a deposit to secure a booking?

Yes. A small deposit of around 15-20% is requested at the time of bookings to secure the date.

How can we pay the balance of a booking?

Cash on the night or cheque a few days before is fine with us.

We’ve heard of bands getting double-booked. Can this happen with you?

Absolutely not. Once a booking is taken, that date is secured with the band and you will definitely have The Reason perform at your function.

What happens if someone in the band gets ill?

In the unfortunate event that a band member is ill at the time of a pre-booked gig, we have deputising musicians that can step in for each member of the band.

Do you require food and drink?

If there’s an evening buffet, access to it is always appreciated! Other than that we typically just drink water, so a nearby supply is always good.

Is all the music live, or do you use backing tracks?

Everything performed by The Reason is 100% live.

Are you going to be loud?

The Reason are primarily a pop & rock covers band, so there’s an expected level of volume to accompany the style we play no more so than a jazz quartet, perhaps. However, we’re sensitive to venue and room dynamics, and never play louder than is needed. If the venue has a volume limiter, please let the band know in advance as it may require a smaller setup from the band.

We often play in venues with sound limiters – typically set around 94-96dB (on one occasion set down at 87dB) – and are skilled at adjusting our volume level while maintaining a great party atmosphere.

Do you do public gigs where we can come and see you live before booking the band?

Yes, we play at a selection of venues throughout Hampshire and Wiltshire, typically once every 3-4 weeks ñ less so in the summer where function bookings are more prevalent. Please get in contact with the band to enquire about our next public performance. In the meantime, please check out the Listen page on this website.

How long will you play for?

A typical function gig contains 2 x 1 hour sets of live music. We have a large repertoire and so are capable of much more than this, which would cost slightly more depending on the requested amount.

Can you provide music for the gaps between your sets?

Yes, we always have (at least) one iPod with us loaded with suitable music that we can play through our PA system. If you’d like to supply the iPod pre-loaded with your choice of music then we’re happy to do that also.

Can you source a DJ for the evening?

Yes, we know, and have used multiple times, a local DJ who provides a great service. Financial arrangements would be made separately with the DJ, and are not part of the band’s fee.